Matching Donors with Community Needs

What makes us


  • We live and work in Sisters Country and have knowledge of the communities needs and issues
  • We get dollars out the door quickly when they are needed most, cutting out the bureaucratic process
  • Applications, criteria and selection of grantees are decided locally by local community members
  • We have extensive experience in fiscal and financial management ensuring the highest and best use of community and donor dollars



Community Fund: Respond to the long-term needs and issues in Sisters Country.

  • Community Relief: Child-care assistance for low-income families, rental assistance, utility assistance, medical assistance and assistance to veterans and military services and programs.
  • Emergency Relief: Pandemic related relief, and other emergency relief as needed.

Education: We believe our youth are our assets. The Sisters Community Foundation will work with our community partners to fund programs through grants for scholarships and other youth development programs in schools.

Arts and Culture: Sisters has a strong arts and culture community with a vision to unify and expand the sector. We will collaborate with our community partners and engage in community efforts to support this sector that is so vital to the Sisters area.

Examples of our work

  • Childcare: 29 people
  • Seniors in Need:  6 people
  • Veterans Assistance: 60 people
  • Medical and Dental Assistance: 3 people
  • Rental Assistance: 4 people
  • Substance Abuse Prevention: 600 students and 100 adults
  • Prevention through Mentoring: 75 youth
    Food Insecurity
  • Prevention: 75 families

To date we have impacted 952 individuals and families in the Sisters Area